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NMR Services

Kezeor Technologies has the expertise and experience necessary to develop solutions to all of your Varian/Agilent NMR Hardware problems.

NMR Systems

Sample Changers

Unity Inova family Varian SMS 50/100
VnmrS (DD1) family Varian Carousel
DD2 family Varian/Agilent 7600-AS
Mercury, VX, VX+ family Varian/Agilent 7510-AS
400MR family Varian NMS
Gemini 2000 Varian VAST



Vnmr/VnmrJ up 3.2 E5025 & E5026 Cyrogen Level Monitor
RHEL up to 6.1 E5082 & E5083 Cyrogen Level Monitor
Solaris up to 10 ProTune & 7400-PT
  Custom Made Non-Magnet Ladders





Our team can work with you to develop a custom solution to fit your needs,
whatever they might be.

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